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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Values

I know that everyone will agree that your family and your family time is important. But if you are not careful, your time with your kids will pass you by.  Here are five family values that could encourage you and your family. Take some time read, think and then challenge yourself and your family to make your time a priority.

Make It Personal
·         Put yourself first when it comes to personal growth.
·         What we model is more compelling than what we say.
·         Where are your faith, marriage and family on a ranking of your highest values?

Fight for the Heart
·         Create a culture of unconditional love in your home.
·         Relationships are built around heart connections.
·         Legacy is transferred relationally.

Widen the Circle
·         Inviting others to intentionally partner with you to have other voices helping to shape and determine the direction of our marriages and parenting.
·         Parents should pursue strategic relationships for their kids.
·         Become a valuable contributor to someone else’s circle of influence.

Create a Rhythm
·         Much of our everyday life seems to function in a fairly steady rhythm.
·         Families want to tap into the power of quality moments together.
·         Build a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.

Imagine the End
·         Focus your energy and effort on the issues that will have a lasting impact.
·         As parents, in the end, the most important thing is our child’s relationship with God.
·         We must be intentional each day about what is most important.

How are you and your family living the five family values?

Carringer, Chuck, Family Pastor at Faith Promise Church. “Family Life, Five Family Values.” June 6, 2011. 

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